Franco Pepe Returns


Join Nancy Silverton in welcoming the world’s greatest pizzaiolo, Franco Pepe

Widely regarded as the best pizzaiolo in Italy, Franco Pepe is one of the foremost experts on pizza making. At Pepe in Grani, his restaurant outside of Naples, every dough is kneaded by hand, every ingredient is sourced within 12 kilometers of the restaurant, and every effort is made to ensure that all components come together to form the perfect bite. 

Join Nancy Silverton in welcoming Pepe back to the corner of Highland and Melrose for either of two events on Sunday, February 12th. 



Sunday, February 12th from 1-3PM
$175/person including tax and gratuity 

Learn the fundamentals of pizza from one of its foremost practitioners, then taste his creations.

Sunday, February 12th at 7PM
$200/person including wine pairing, tax and gratuity

Enjoy a selection of pizzas followed by a menu designed in collaboration between Nancy and Franco. 

Photo credit: Agata Gravante

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