Heritage Foods Dinner


Join Nancy Silverton in welcoming Patrick Martins (founder of Heritage Foods USA) and maestro of Italian food chef Cesare Casella, to chi SPACCA.

Enjoy Mozza classics prepped by our very own James Beard Award-winnning team and chef Nancy Silverton alongside Patrick Martins.

Heritage Foods USA is a farm-to-table online butcher based in Brooklyn, NY dedicated to supporting family farmers raising livestock without antibiotics and using traditional farming methods. 

Heritage Foods USA Dinner
Wednesday, March 1st at 7PM

About Cesare Casella
Chef Cesare Casella is the restaurateur behind Salumeria Rosi, Maremma, and Beppe, and an expert in Italian charcuterie, too. It started with Mimmo, the Casella family pig in Lucca, which led in time to Giorgio’s, the artisanal, Italian-style salumi Chef Casella has been making in the United States since 2010. Now, he is expanding his empire with Casella’s, a small-batch maker of cured meats based in upstate New York, which will launch in Winter 2017. Sopressata. Finocchiona. Prosciutto. Guanciale. Pancetta. You name it, if the salumi is authentically Italian, Casella’s will make it.

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